Welcome to BollyShape!

We make Dance a fun workout, so calories begin to burn out!

BollyShape is run by passionate Dancers and Choreographers
Kamal Sharma and Urvashi Jivani.

Kamal and Uvi are Licensed Zumba instructors and have also been training in Bollywood dance for over 15 years.

Kamal and Uvi are founders and choreographers of BollyShape. 

Currently holding classes at Retro Fitness in Piscataway on Tuesday and Thursday  at 12 pm.

Come join the party with us this Friday, June 29th at 6 pm at Crunch in Somerset.

We also run a Bollywood Dance School for kids - Solemates Dance School (www.solematesdance.com)   

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Contact Us

Kamal Sharma - 703-944-1194 / kamal@bollyshape.com 
Urvashi Jivani - 732-306-9878 / uvi@bollyshape.com